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19th World Festival of Youth and Students

October 15-21, 2017,

Sochi Olympic Park

This international youth festival was held in Sochi from 14 to 22 October, 2017. The festival’s motto: “For peace, solidarity and social justice, we fight against imperialism and build our future paying respect to our past”.

The brightest minds of student movement, who achieved outstanding results in science, creative activities, sports and politics, took part in the event alongside with socially active members of different communities from more than 150 countries. The festival included extensive scientific and educational, cultural and sports programs.

Key figures

20 000


over 150


In the framework of the Festival’s sports program, the Silk Way Rally presented KAMAZ-Master Team racing truck and Toyota Hilux SUV engaged in rally reconnaissance.

The program of Silk Way Rally presentation at the Festival was developed in a way to not only introduce the race to the visitors, but also to provide information about motorsport as a competition discipline, as well as to develop the creative abilities of the guests. For such purposes, a concept was developed, including the following activities:

  • Every day, from October 15 to 21, a seminar with a quiz called “10 facts about rally raids. 5 Top teams – what is their secret? Rally raid – find 5 differences from the classic rally!” was held twice a day. The following materials were prepared for the seminar:
  • Guidance materials for the event host and quiz questions (14 sections). The materials were prepared in a seminar format, and the quiz questions were new for each game.
  • Every day from October 14 to 21, SWR held a competition for the design of a helmet and gloves for the Russian national rally raid team and for the design of the official mascot of Silk Way Rally. The names of the winners were announced during the SWR Director Vladimir Chagin’s workshop “What did I learn from rally raids or how can racing change your life”.

Each and every participant of the Festival was welcome to take a photo with the exhibit items presented at the promo stand.

Key tasks completed

Coordination of promo stand construction

Approval and delivery of exhibit items

Preparation of accreditation documents for festival guests and promotional staff

Design and printing of POS materials