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St. Petersburg International Gas Forum

October 04-07, 2016

Saint-Petersburg, Expoforum

The Forum was held from 4th to 7th of October 2016 at EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre.

60 events were held in the framework of the Forum, such as conferences, round table discussions, seminar meetings with high ranking officials of federal and regional authorities, manufacturers, as well as leading Russian and foreign experts.

An extensive exposition was set on the Forum, which combined three international field exhibitions with a total area of 25,000 square meters: InGAS Stream – Innovations in the gas industry, Gas Engine Fuel and ROS-GAZ-EXPO.

Key tasks completed:

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Development of the concept and design of promo stands

Development of promo activities, including autograph sessions, photo shooting, press conference

Construction of outdoor and indoor stands

Delivery of exhibit items

Toyota Hilux and KAMAZ truck

Selection and administration of promotional staff

Design and printing of POS materials

Guest reception and accompanying

Key figures

industry specialists
Forum’s business program
Number of reports presented
Russian and foreign media

The Silk Way Rally has set two stands with “One Belt – One Road” as a design theme.

In order to mark long-term friendly relations between Russia and China, at the initiative of Gazprom PJSC a unique rally crew called One Belt – One Road was created in cooperation with the Chinese Automobile Sports Federation to participate in 2016 Silk Way Rally. Famous Chinese racers Hou Hongning and Shen Xin together with extremely experienced Russian mechanic Andrei Mokeev joined the crew. On their way to the finish, the international crew managed to overcome the language barrier, mastered a completely new racing vehicle and a challenging route. As a result, KAMAZ racing truck of the Sino-Russian crew crossed the finish line fifth in their respective category.

An autograph session with Silk Way Rally 2016 winner in Trucks category Airat Mardeev racing for KAMAZ-Master Team and the mechanic of the One Belt – One Road Sino-Russian racing crew Andrey Mokeev was organized at the Rally’s indoor promotional stand.

The outdoor space was decorated in Silk Way Rally Start Ceremony style. The stand included Start Ceremony arch and a podium with a Toyota Hilux with racing stickers on it. KAMAZ racing truck of the Russian-Chinese crew was exhibited next to the arch. Access to all items was organized for visitors and participants of the Forum.

A press conference on the results of the Silk Way Rally 2016 and preparation for the Silk Way Rally 2017 was held during the Forum.